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          Welcome to Bathroomcompare.com

          At Bathroomcompare.com we know choosing a bathroom can be tricky and time consuming so we‘ve taken some of the legwork out for you. We‘ve brought together a carefully selected collection of quality bathrooms from the leading home improvement retailers in the UK, grouped them together into room type and styles with prices, including details of any current promotions.

          We check and update the retailer prices daily and the prices that we publish are simply a guide based on our three model bathrooms, a Toilet & Basin, En-suite and Family Bathroom, making it easier to compare prices and giving you an indication of how much the perfect bathroom could cost in your own home. As these prices are a guide, you should always visit your retailer of choice to obtain a full quotation for the suite that you are looking to purchase.

          Comparison price based on:

          • Toilet & Basin
          • En-suite Bathroom
          • Family Bathroom
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