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          Glossary of Terms

          Acrylic - A stong, non-flexible material with a smooth finish that resists cracking or chipping and is very easy to clean.

          Back to Wall Toilet - A toilet that is fixed permanently against with a wall with the plumbing concealed inside it, also know as a vanity cabinet. Back to wall is a basic and very popular design for toilets.

          Basin Mixer Tap - A tap which mixes both cold water and hot water to make the ideal temperature. For more information click here.

          Bath Filler Tap - A bath filler mixes water from both cold and hot water supplies and is similar to a monobloc mixer tap, the only difference being that bath fillers come in both one and two tap hole options.

          Bath Screen - A bath screen sits on the edge of the bath and is designed to prevent water from a shower spilling onto the floor. Normally, bath screens are made from toughened safety glass and can be either curved, flat, plain or patterned.

          Bath/Shower Mixer Tap - A single body fitting that needs two tap holes for both cold and hot water supplies which it mixes together for the ideal temperature within the body of the fitting. For more information click here.

          Bath Side/End Panel - Panels that enclose either the side or the end of a standard bath.

          Bottle Trap - Part of the drainage system of a bathroom sink. The straight pipes of a bottle trap allow for waste water and gas to be removed from the system so clean water can flow through.

          Ceramic/Pottery - A material made from non-metallic minerals such as clay which is known for its hard wearing, heat resistant and corrosion resistant properties. Typically used for bathroom basins, countertops and toilets.

          Cistern - The ceramic or plastic water tank which flushes the toilet. The cistern may be close coupled, concealed, low level or high level.

          Cloakroom Suite - A smaller bathroom normally located downstairs and consisting of a basin and a toilet.

          Close-coupled Toilet - The most common type of toilet, where the cistern is attached directly to the toilet pan.

          Counter-Top Basin - A counter top basin normally sits on top of a vanity unit. With the plumbing hidden away inside, a counter-top basin often takes up far more space than a standard basin.

          Dual Flush Toilet - A toilet which can flush a reduced volume of water, normally 3-4 litres, in addition to providing a standard flush, that can save a significant amount of water over time. For more information click here.

          Easy Clean Shower Nozzle -  Rubber shower nozzles that can be cleaned by rubbing with a finger to prevent or remove any limescale build up.

          Electric Shower - A shower that connects to the cold water supply only and heats up the water using a built-in heater.

          En-suite Bathroom - A bathroom normally attached to a bedroom and consisting of a basin and a toilet with a shower and shower enclosure.

          Family Bathroom - The largest bathroom in the house, normally consisting of a basin, toilet, bath, shower and shower screen.

          Full Pedestal Basin - A washbasin supported vertically by a column from the floor and designed to partially hide the plumbing with sometimes additional screws to fix it to the wall. For more information click here.

          High Level Toilet - A traditional style of toilet, with a separate tank and bowl. The tank is wall mounted above head height and is connected to the toilet pan by a flush pipe.

          Mixer Shower (Thermostatic) - A mixer shower blends hot water heated by a boiler or immersion heater with cold water to reach the required temperature. Mixer showers are most suitable in areas with high pressure, combination and gravity fed systems and are available as both concealed and exposed systems. For more information click here.

          Model Bathrooms - The comparisons we make and the prices we show on Bathromcompare.com are based on three simple bathroom types: a ‘Cloakroom’, an ‘En-suite’ and a ‘Family Bathroom’. For each of the bathrooms, different elements are included which are detailed on the Model Bathrooms page.

          Monobloc Mixer Tap - A single body fitting which requires only one tap hole. A monobloc mixer tap mixes water from the cold and hot supplies at equal pressures.

          Pop-up Waste - Often supplied with Monobloc Mixer Taps for both basins and baths, negating the need for an untidy plug and chain. An operating rod is normally concealed behind the mixer to lower and raise the plug. For more information click here.

          Quick Release Toilet Seat - A hygienic bathroom is a must for you, your family and your guests. Make it easier to clean with a quick-release toilet seat. Its detachable hinges allow you to remove the seat from the bowl, enabling you to clean the nooks and crannies that would be inaccessible on an ordinary toilet.

          Roll Top Bath - A free standing bath with edges that curve at the top, providing a distinctive rounded effect around the edge of the bath. Available in a range of styles, materials and colours.

          Semi Pedestal Basin - A ceramic attachment fitted directly to a wall to accommodate a basin. A semi pedestal only goes part of the way to the floor, unlike a Full Pedestal Basin.

          Showerbath - A bath that provides conventional bathing with the additional facility for over bath showering. Usually available as a left or right hand option, dependent on which end of the bath is to be used and comes in both L and P shapes. For more information click here.

          Shower Functions Rain - Classic shower jet for the perfect shower cleansing experience. Drench - Hard and invigorating downpour to wake you up in the morning. Massage - Pulsating to ease stiff muscles. Airdrop - Water powered, air suction, spray boost, more shower with less water. Waterfall - Sheet of falling water.

          Single Button Release -  System for releasing a WC seat from its hinge brackets by pushing one button to facilitate easy cleaning.

          Slipper Bath - A free standing bath that is slightly deeper on one end than the other. A classic Slipper Bath is oblong in shape and from the side looks a bit like a slipper, with the taps located at the shallower end, encouraging the user to use the higher end for support.

          Soft Close Mechanism - The term given to toilet seats and furniture doors and drawers that contain a special hinge or runner mechanism which slows the movement of the seat, door or drawer as it closes. The mechanism is actually hidden within the hinge or runner and prevents the seat from closing with a sudden thud, instead letting it fall gently into place. For more information click here.

          Summer Heating Kit -  An electric heating element that can be fitted into a radiator enabling towels to be warmed when the central heating system isn't on.

          Thermostatic Mixer Shower - A shower with a built-in thermostat which compensates for any variations in the water temperature and maintains the temperature even if water is being used in other parts of the house.

          Wall Hung Toilet - A toilet where the cistern is separate to the pan and concealed behind a wall or inside fitted furniture. The toilet pan juts out from the wall above the floor on a bracket. Basins and bidets can also be wall hung as well as toilets. A wall hung toilet provides a clean, minimal look as well as being easy to clean.

          Water Closet (WC) - The traditional name for a toilet.