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          About Us

          Bathroomcompare.com is a totally independent company on a mission to demystify the bathroom market and make it easier for you to find your perfect bathroom quickly and easily, saving both time and money. Our team of experts have all worked in the Home Improvement industry for many years, so you can rely on our experience to help you get the very best deal.

          Choosing a new bathroom can be both an exciting and daunting experience and here at Bathroomcompare.com our aim is to make the buying process simpler, easier and quicker. We believe that by doing this, it leaves you more time for the fun stuff, like choosing the style of your new bathroom, the colour schemes, type of flooring and the overall look of your room.

          Price Check

          We check and update the bathroom prices every day so the information on our website is always up to date. The guide prices that we publish are based on three bathroom types Contemporary, Classic and Traditional, including all of the necessary items. For more information on what’s contained within each bathroom, see our ‘Model Bathrooms’ page.

          As we’ve selected similar items across the retailers, this provides a ‘level playing field‘ making it easier to quickly compare prices as closely as possible. As well as an overall guide price for the various bathroom types we also indicate the guarantee offered by the retailers on the sanitaryware products, the toilet and the basins.

          Our website also indicates the current promotional activity being run by the various retailers and how long this promotion will be running, so you can always make sure that you purchase at the right time.

          bathroomcompare.com - About Us

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